E-ZPass® "On the Go" is the new, easier way to obtain an E-ZPass® account.

It's as easy as 1-2-3-4:
  1. Stop at a participating retailer and purchase the packaged transponder for $32.50. Your pre-paid toll balance is $25 and available immediately. The remaining $7.50 is your non-refundable transponder fee. You simply register your transponder and secure your account with a credit card.
  2. Mount the transponder in your vehicle. You may begin using your E-ZPass® "On the Go" immediately.
  3. Register your transponder within seven(7) days of its first use.
  4. Please click here for Plan Descriptions.

E-ZPass® is currently accepted in the following states:
Delaware Illinois Indiana Maine Maryland
Massachusetts New Hampshire New Jersey New York North Carolina
Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island Virginia West Virginia

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