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How do I know my transponder is working?
If you see a green light in the toll lane (or another form of compliance message at toll plazas in other states), your transponder is working properly. If your account is in good standing and your transponder is affixed properly to your vehicle's windshield, and your transponder is still not working, please contact the E-ZPass® Maryland Service Center at 1-888-321-6824. Please visit one of our E-ZPass Maryland Customer Service Center and have your transponder tested.
What if the message indicates a low balance, but I am sure my account has enough money in it?
Access your account via our website or call 1-888-321-6824 to use our automated phone system to confirm your account balance. Please have your account or transponder number and PIN ready before accessing your account.
What if I forget my transponder?
If you are in a staffed toll lane, pay the full-fare toll in cash. If you are in an E-ZPass® Members Only lane DO NOT STOP OR ATTEMPT TO BACK UP. Equipment in toll lanes will capture an image of your vehicle’s license plate. If your license plate is listed on your E-ZPass® account, E-ZPass® will attempt to post the toll to your account, but you will be charged full fare for these transactions. If the license plate of the vehicle in which you are traveling is not listed on your E-ZPass® account, the registered owner of that vehicle will receive in the mail a written violation notice for the full-fare toll (along with any applicable administrative fee or fines due.)
Are there any times I should not use my E-ZPass® transponder?
Yes, the following examples are times when you should not use your transponder:
  • If you have reported your transponder as lost or stolen, but later find it, call the E-ZPass® Maryland Service Center (1-888-321-6824) for further instructions. It may be possible to return your transponder to "active status".
  • If you know that you do not have sufficient funds in your E-ZPass® account.
  • If you are using a different class of vehicle (i.e., do not use a transponder assigned to a two-axle vehicle when driving a vehicle with three or more axles or you will be charged full fare for the actual number of axles the system detects. Other restrictions apply at toll agencies in other states).
  • If you are using a vehicle that requires a special load permit.
  • If your E-ZPass® account is suspended.
How many transponders may I request?
You may request a maximum of four transponders per account for an Private Account. There is no limit to the number of transponders you can request for a Business Account.
How long does it take to receive a transponder once I have placed a request or opened a new account online?
You will receive your transponder and an account profile in the mail within 5 - 7 business days.
Can I use my E-ZPass® transponder while towing a camper or trailer?
Yes. However, you will be charged the full fare rate for the actual number of axles.
Are motorcycles eligible for an E-ZPass® account?
Yes. Motorcyclists are eligible to participate in the E-ZPass® program. Special mounting devices are available through third-party vendors that can be found on the Internet.
How do I obtain additional dual locks (fasteners) to mount my E-ZPass® transponder to my vehicle’s windshield?
Additional dual locks may be obtained by visiting one of the Authority's E-ZPass® Maryland Customer Service Center, located adjacent to most toll plazas, or by contacting the E-ZPass® Maryland Service Center at 1-888-321-6824.
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