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What if I forget to make a payment?
Call 1-888-321-6824 to take advantage of our automated phone system to check your account balance. Depending on the amount of money remaining in your account, you may need to visit an Authority E-ZPass Maryland Customer Service Center (located adjacent to most toll facilities) to make a payment or stop using your E-ZPass® transponder until you can mail a payment and it can be posted to your account.  The easiest and most efficient payment method is using a credit card for automatic replenishment. We strongly encourage you to use this method to ensure you maintain an adequate account balance.  Your credit card will be charged whenever your account balance drops below $10.  If your transponder is in your vehicle, and you do not wish to use it, please place the transponder in the “read prevent” bag you received when you opened your account to avoid your transponder being read.  Putting the transponder in the glove compartment or a pocket may not stop the transponder from being read.
What if I lose the credit card I use to pay my E-ZPass® account?
First report the lost card to the credit-card issuing company. Then, immediately call 1-888-321-6824 and report the loss to the E-ZPass® Service Center. The Service Center will provide you with the ability to pay by another method until your new card is issued. If you continue to use your E-ZPass® without replenishing your account balance, you will be charged the full-fare toll plus any applicable administrative fees or fines.
What if my E-ZPass® account runs out of money?
Do not use your E-ZPass® until your account has been replenished. Remove the E-ZPass® transponder from your vehicle or place it in the “read prevent” bag. If you are an private account holder and are a credit card customer, your account will be replenished whenever your account balance falls below $10. If at any time you see a light other than a green, there is a problem with your account. You many need to update your credit card number or expiration date. If you are a business account holder and are a credit card customer, your account will be replenished whenever your account balance is approximately 25 percent of your advanced payment amount.

For private or business account holders, if you are a check or cash customer, a low balance message will display whenever your account balance reaches approximately 50 percent of your replenishment amount, indicating that a payment is required. If you are a cash or check customer, call the Service Center at 1-888-321-6824 to inquire about switching to automatic credit card replenishment.

As an additional convenience for our credit card customers, we will automatically adjust your replenishment amounts to reflect your average monthly usage. This helps to ensure that your replenishments are sufficient to cover your toll usage for an entire month and eliminates the need to charge your account multiple times in one month.

I need receipts for business. Will I still get them in E-ZPass® Members Only lanes?
If you elected to receive a statement on your application, the statement would be your receipt for any E-ZPass® transactions taken. Refer to your statement for the amount, date, time and location of each toll transaction taken. This information is also available via the E-ZPass® Maryland website.
What if I want to change my payment method from cash or check to credit card?
If you wish to switch to automatic payment by credit card, you may call 1-888-321-6824 and request an authorization form.
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