E-ZPass® is an electronic toll collection (ETC) system.

E-ZPass® is an electronic toll collection (ETC) system that allows you to prepay your tolls, eliminating the need to stop at the toll plaza. The system has three components: a toll transponder, which is attached to the vehicle; an overhead antenna, which reads the toll transponder and collects the toll; and video cameras to identify videotolls.

The E-ZPass® system tracks your usage and account balance. A monthly or quarterly statement itemizing your toll use and account balance will be sent to you through the mail or emailed to you. You may also check your account balance using our automated telephone system by calling 1-888-321-6824. In addition, a toll fare display at the lane will display messages, such as "low balance", when your account reaches a pre-set threshold. If there is no message or the display is just blank, please contact the E-ZPass® Customer Service Center.

For cash/check accounts, each time the prepaid toll balance drops below the low-balance threshold amount, a "low balance" message will be displayed at the lane as a reminder that the account needs to be replenished soon. Credit card accounts will be automatically charged for the replenishment amount. After the account has been established for 35 days, replenishment amounts are re-evaluated every 60 days and adjusted, if necessary, to reflect current use patterns. Replenishment amounts are calculated to equal one month of average use, based on use over the previous 60 days. Replenishment amounts can vary and timing of replenishment is not always consistent. For this reason we do not recommend the use of an ATM check/debit card.

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